This page contains the latest releases of DayDream BBS. The official site used to be at It's not updated anymore, so this is the authoritative source for DayDream releases and related things. These pages used to reside at, but since May 2010 I am not working there anymore. So this is really the authoritative source. To contact me, please mail me at

Latest stable release
Release candidates and CURRENT snapshots
Other packages

Latest stable release (822593 bytes)

Fixes after 2.14.8:

2004-01-05  Hannu Lyytinen  <>

        * fixed uploads on FreeBSD.

2004-01-03  Hannu Lyytinen  <>

        * merged the security patches for libdd from Jann Fischer.

        * FTP background checker was broken in 2.14.8, probably due
          to lack of sleep.

Release candidates and CURRENT snapshots (887560 bytes)

This snapshot fixes the compiling problems on ddftp and ddfv.

Other packages (103674 bytes)

Since MuggiChat's author could not be reached by email, I ported MuggiChat to FreeBSD and autoconf'd it. (27466 bytes)

A chat door written by Niels Haedecke. You will need pthreads and C++ compiler (you already have the latter if you compiled DayDream with all doors)

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